Austin Adrid

Austin Brandon-Evan Adrid (born August 21, 1989) is the fifth child and second son of the Adrids. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He likes entertaining people and his siblings.

-Likes surfing

-Likes swimming


-“People Person”

Interests: Hunting, Surfing, Comedy, Fishing, Science, and Video Games. 

Birth name Austin Brandon-Evan Adrid
Born August 21, 1989
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Nationality British-American
Parents Peter Adrid
Amy Adrid
Middle Name Brandon-Evan
Number 5
Siblings Lesley Adrid
Jenny Adrid
Emily Adrid
Henry Adrid
Savannah Adrid
Dylan Adrid
Joseph Adrid
Joshua Adrid
Emma Adrid
Lachlan Adrid
Landon Adrid
Thomas Adrid
Sadie Adrid
Ethan Adrid
Brayden Adrid
Madeline Adrid
Kaley Adrid
Joy Adrid
Katelyn Adrid
Angel Adrid
Jackson Adrid
Olivia Adrid
Julia Adrid
Alistair Adrid

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